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When it comes to your automotive investment, don't take chances - get set up with today's car security measures. Monster Audio Atlanta offers Viper car alarms as well as full-security backup cameras and auto page systems. You want
your vehicle secure but the car can help keep you safe too.

Call us today and ask about our car alarm installation times. We provide basic keyless entry for your car, or a more elaborate system that will defend your property.

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Why Buy an Auto Security System?

You keep a lot of important things in your car or truck. Yourself, your family, your car stereo system and of course the car itself. So for the safety of those you care about, it's a good idea. Also, many insurance companies offer discounted rates for cars that have an alarm installed. So, the alarm will pay for itself over time.

Any security system that's worthwhile will offer you conveniences you probably thought you could do without. The alarm's remote control allows you to arm and disarm the vehicle, pop open the trunk, and lock and unlock the doors.

Call Your Auto Insurance Agent:
Explain that you've made a call to the experts at Monster Audio and see what rate reduction he/she can get for you based on the security features you've decided to add to your vehicle.
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GA Car Alarm Installation - Alarm System Basics:

♦ Motion sensors will allow you to leave the top down or the windows open. They are good for protecting gifts or packages left in your car. The sensors also will sound an alarm if someone gets too close to you, added safety when you walk to your car alone.
♦ Sensors for breaking glass will sound when they sense the vibrations of a window breaking. This can scare off many would-be thieves.
♦ Driver's side priority unlock allows you to open your door without unlocking the others. Another security feature to ward off car jackers.
♦ Alarm remote outputs allow you to expand the alarm - to add features like a remote starter or window controls. Most alarms come with at least one remote output.